1 Coat, 4 Looks

Spring is in the air! It sure feels that way - it seems everywhere I look I just see more and more spring attire, and I'm still sitting here in good ol' NJ freezing my you know what off. That's right, as I type this post I'm literally wearing my fingerless mittens and have a blanket wrapped around me. Baby it's COLD outside!!!

he good news is, with all of the Spring fashion hitting the stores, winter attire is drastically marked down. That's right fashionistas - there are sales to be found! So while I sit here yearning for Spring just like the rest of you, I will take advantage of these sales and add a few winter must-haves to my collection while the gettin's good!

There are really two things I'm looking for - a new pair of riding boots, and a winter coat. I love my black riding boots, but they are pretty worn in from the past 2 winters. While I'm not going to part ways with them just yet, I want to add a new go-to boot, brown this time I think, to my ever growing shoe collection.

They can be found at Piperlime and are marked down from $159 to $94.99 - that's a savings of about 60%!!!

Now on to the coat. I'm very particular when it comes to outerwear because I get bored very easily and always am looking to spice things up. So every winter it seems I just need to buy 2 new coats at the very least. No matter how much I try talking myself out of it, and reasoning with myself ("you have 8 other coats at home!") I just can't resist. I'm pretty sure it's a known medical condition. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that many of you ladies suffer from it as well. (I hear it's contagious)

So in an attempt to finally lay that beast to rest, I decided on a new appraoch. Pick a staple coat that goes with just about everything. Then I can change my accessories to change my look to reflect however I feel that day. Whether I want a classic look for the office, or a fun look for movie night with the girls, I needed a coat that was versatile enough to change with my mood (which changes quite frequently!).