Garden Isle Bombshell

I've finally had a chance to sit down and watch the premiere of "Smash". I love that show! Don't worry - no spoiler alerts here! Not that it matters, since I'm already behind :)

Sure I love the music and characters, but my favorite part is the wardrobe. I love watching Katharine McPhee transform from the girl next door into the starlet bombshell. Take it from Norma Jeane (Mortenson) herself - a little lipstick and some hair dye can go a long way.

I love that flared out 50s dresses are back in style and that women don't need to squeeze into tight mini-dresses to feel sexy and feminine. Don't get me wrong, I have one or two (or three) mini-dresses myself, but I like that it's not the only option anymore. I love fashion inspired by old Hollywood and Marilyn Monroe is one of the leading fashion icons of our past.

I took inspiration from this Marilyn collection that I put together, and started shopping for my cousins upcoming summer wedding. I know it's pretty far in advance, but I can't resist. I chose the same style dress (flared out bottom) but mixed in some bold colors to come up with a more modern look. I'm so excited with the final outcome, I can't wait for his wedding. I'm almost more excited for his then mine....almost....