Attention to Detail

This morning my little one woke up and wanted out of her crib in a bad way. Typically she plays in there for a bit and let's me get ready. But not today. She must have used her baby-sense to pick up on the fact that I needed to head into the office for an important meeting.

So instead of being able to spend time putting together a well coordinated outfit, I found myself having 3 minutes (and a lot of crying as a distraction). Needless to say, it turned out to be a "grab and go" kind of day.

Because of the crunch (there's always something that creeps up isn't there?), I had to resort to some great accessories to pull off a polished look. My ensemble wasn't too daring - just blue jeans and a RW&B; sweater. But the sweater had great gold accents on the shoulder so I added earrings, shoes, and a bracelet that really played that small detail up!

And just by my good fortune - this weekend I had found some spare time (LOL) and was able to do my nails this awesome gold sparkle. It was a perfect finishing touch, albeit a purely coincidental one! But hey, I'll take it!

Sweater: Forever 21 $15.80
Bangles: Forever 21 $7.80
Earrings: Kohls $13.00
Shoes: Forever 21 $22.80
Nails: Sally Hensen's Copper Penny.

P.S. After all that - meeting cancelled! Get to do it all again tomorrow! Can't wait....