I'm too young for those!

You know those days when you just absolutely should not have gotten out of bed? I had one of those days yesterday. It was a rainy yucky day - which should have been my first indication.

First I left my hot steamy delicious breakfast on the kitchen counter as I left for work. Followed by a quick stop to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee that would end up on my lap instead of in my mouth. I headed over for my yearly eye exam only to find out that at the ripe old age of 27 I need reading glasses (more to follow on this below). And lastly I wrote my "I'm too young for those!" post last night only to find out several hours later that 3/4 of my post was missing. I tried to salvage it and then ALL of my posts since I started this blog were gone. I had a minor panic attack but luckily was able to save all the posts except the latest one. Since it was not my day, I decided to shut the computer, grab a Jack and Coke, and watch some American Idol.

So now, well rested, and waking up to another rainy day - I'm going to try this again. Wish me luck...it seems I might need it!

P.S. To all my fellow bloggers out there - I may have realized this a little late, or maybe I'm behind the 8 ball on this and you already do it; but I highly recommend saving all your posts in a word doc of some sort so in case this ever happens to you, a simple Copy + Paste will save you some stress!


Remember watching your grandparents whip out a pair of glasses before reading the paper? Or perhaps you have been out to dinner recently with your mother and she takes out a pair before she looks at the menu. Reading glasses come with age. Right? That's the general consensus? I'm glad we all agree.

So why then, oh why, at the ripe old age of 27 did I find out today at my yearly eye exam that I need them too!? It's a cruel world I tell ya! Shamefully enough, I must admit this did not come as that big of a shock. 3 years ago they told me I was going to need them soon - I just didn't realize they meant this soon!

I took the opportunity to buy a cute fashionable pair of reading glasses. If I'm going to wear them I better look pretty damn good in them. So with inspiration from one of my earlier posts (Check Out The View) I knew I wanted to purchase some of the more trendy "nerd" glasses (don't know what else to call them). You know the kind I'm talking about - the glasses we used to stay desperately away from as children that all of a sudden are trendy. Celebrities everywhere are wearing them.

Because I'm real picky with my glasses ( I always hate them the next day ) I spent at least an hour trying on every single pair they had of this style. I even had people there that were browsing for themselves making recommendations! Poor guy that was helping me must have been exhausted by the time I had finally chosen my pair. At first I was looking at all the name brands (Tiffany & Co, Calvin Klein, etc) but after awhile I realized that I just couldn't afford the 300-400 price tag, I mean that didn't include the lenses!!! So I chose a pair that was more in my range at 140 bucks. Funnily enough, (yes I know funnily is not a word) I ended up liking them on me more than any other pair I had tried on. And after insurance and everything, they were practically free! Yay bargain shopping!

Frames: LensCrafters
Gingham Top: Forever21
Navy Blazer: Forever21
Skinny Belt.