Hearts And Leopards Heart Necklace

I'm lucky enough to get every other Friday off, so my weekend starts today! I know, I'm making you all jealous, I'm sorry....kind of.

This weekend is really busy for us, and today is no different. I typically don't spend my Friday's off relaxing. Quite the opposite, I'm usually running errands and toting my little darling all over creation. So it is extremely crucial to keep it casual and comfy for days like this. Heels are a definite no-no, as is anything form fitting.

The easiest way I find to achieve both style and comfort - is to add animal print. There is always room in an outfit for animal print! I also took inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, The Fashion Minx. Recently she had a post about "kitschy sweaters" which inspired me to pull one out my closet for tomorrow. It's not as extravagant as some of the sweaters she featured in her post, but the fact that it has furry hearts on it - well that definitely qualifies as "kitschy" to me!